Discipleship with other disciplines typically come to an end at some point. Our discipleship to Jesus Christ never ends. He will always be our Master and we will always be his servants. It's necessary to continually check our bearings and our connection so that we continue to grow.           Too many people in our churches are fixated at a stage of spiritual immaturity that current models of discipleship have not addressed. 

 Many are supposedly "spiritually mature" but remain infants, children, or teenagers emotionally. They demonstrate little ability to process anger, sadness, or hurt. They whine, complain, distance themselves, blame, and use sarcasm - like little children when they don't get their way. Highly defensive to criticism or differences of opinion, they expect to be taken care of and often treat people as objects to meet their needs.     (The Emotionally Healthy Church pg 18)



                    Family Life Ministries



Providing opportunities for women to grow spiritually and socially through group activity and ministry outreach. 


             Women's Ministry




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