Women's Ministry


Ministry Leader,  Catherine Bratten   



Ministry Assistant,  Elsie DeNeal​                    


Women's Ministry places its focus on the needs and spiritual well being of the women of the church and community.  Programs and goals are planned to inspire, encourage, give guidance and a helping hand to those in need.  Workshops, retreats, cooking classes, bible study and prayer groups are just a few of the areas on the agenda to enhance Christian growth.
Join us in ministry as we plan in-reach, out-reach and spiritual edification and fellowship for the building up of God's Kingdom.  






Our 'Brood of Chicks'  is a Small Group Ministry designed to incorporate every women in the church that    has a heart for ministry.  We have 6 Broods and each brood has five 'hens'. The Broods are involved in    planning and implementing in-reach and out-reach ministry. 

Small group bible study, reading a book together, bowling night, in home prayer groups, spa day, exercise classes, hospital visitations, cooking class, Prayer walks, shut-in ministry, and Prayer line conferencing are just a few of the suggested ideas for ministry.   

At the beginning of each quarter we all meet together to share ministry feedback and to re-focus and refuel for ministry. 

The Brood of Chicks

  • Hen-derellas
  • Rhode Island Reds
  • Hen-dos
  • Chic-adivas
  • O Henry's Hatchers
  • Sicily's Buttercups